Welcome to the Arnett Hills PTA

Welcome to the Arnett Hills PTA webpage

At Arnett Hills, we believe that we are all ‘on the PTA’  – it  is a collaboration between parents, teachers, children and friends of Arnett Hills.

We work together to organise fun events to raise money and to nurture our school community. This enhances our children’s learning and to makes our lovely school a wonderful place to be.


Meet The Team

PTA Chair – Suzie Simpkins

PTA Co-Chair – Frances Morgan

Treasurer – Nicola Coteman

Secretary – Suzie Leitch

Committee – Miss Ali, Natalie Zammit, Nina Parker, Ruth Gillespie & Viv Martin

Easter egg hunt and fayre


Class Reps 

Reception – Nivien Khalid & Suzie Leitch

Year 1 – Jo Rentle & Laura O’Monaghan

Year 2 – Teresa Clowes & Shelly Radcliffe

Year 3 – Sue Bateman & Mandi Simpson

Year 4 – Ruth Gillespie & Suzie Simpkins

Year 5 – Natalie Zammit & Andrea Knott

Year 6 – Monica Rach & Claire Collins


Our Fundraising Events

Every year,, the PTA organises lots of different fun events for our children and our families, these include…

  • Summer & Christmas Fayre’s
  • Easter Egg Hunt & Easter Fayre’s
  • Roller Disco’s
  • Halloween & Christmas Disco Parties
  • Quiz Nights, Race Nights, ice lolly & sweetie sales


We enjoy fantastic support and as a result, the PTA has raised over £20,000 over the last few years alone. We are proud to have funded many projects, including…

  • 17 iPads in 2016
  • 31 new PCs for the IT Suite in 2017
  • Play equipment for the Reception Garden
  • £600 per year, per class for teachers to spend on visits, workshops, etc
  • Visualisers and cameras
  • Annual whole school trip to Watersmeet Christmas Panto
  • Workshops in science, drama, maths and music
  • Leavers Books for our Year 6’s to treasure

Keep in Touch…

Look out for PTA Mattersour monthly newsletter, sent via Parentmail and copies in book bags. PTA Matters will also be available to view here, shortly.

Why not sign up to our email address, we can then contact you directly when we need helpers!

Dates for your Diary..

Feb ‘17

Thurs 23rd

PTA Meeting 7.30pm

Fri 27th

Coffee Morning 9 – 10,

Sweet Shop 3pm

March ‘17

Weds 22nd


Fri 31st

Coffee Morning 9-10,

Easter Fayre 2pm

April ‘17

Thurs 27th

PTA Meeting 7.30pm

Fri 28th

Coffee Morning 9-10,

Sweet Shop 3pm

Family Fun & Games Night (TBA)

May ‘17

Mon 22nd

Bags to School 9am

Thurs 25th

Roller Disco

Fri 25th – Coffee Morning 9 – 10,

Sweet Shop 3pm

June ‘17

Thurs 22nd

PTA Mtg 7.30pm

Fri 30th

Coffee Morning 9 – 10, Sweet shop 3pm

July ‘17

Sat 1st

 PTA Summer Fayre

Here’s how you can get involved…

  1. Give your time

Run a stall, bake a cake, fold raffle tickets, sweep the floor – every offer of help is welcome!

  1. Join the Committee

The PTA meet monthly at school  – why not come along and see if you’d like to join the committee?

  1. Donate your Expertise

Do you have a skill or hobby that could help us? Designers, gardeners, bakers, accountants, web whizzes,

  1. Ask your Employer

Can your company or employer help us? Whether it’s charity matching schemes or

donating a prize for the raffle, local businesses or global companies – many have

been very generous!

  1. Join our volunteer squad

Email us on

– we’ll keep in touch with how you can help!






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