Year 6

Click on the link to view this terms curriculum letter  and see all of the wonderful things that Mr Wylie has planned for us – Summer Curriculum web 



The maths help desk is a resource we can use if we are stuck or if we want to extend ourselves.



We all want to end up on the Hall of Fame. We can if we try hard and produce a brilliant piece of work.



Everyone is a writer – Using the book The Day the Crayons Quit as our inspiration, we wrote letters to Duncan, the book character, as if we were the crayon to complain about his treatment of us.

Things we did in year 5

In English, the children wrote reports to explain and inform. After researching various creatures, they produced some outstanding pieces of writing which:

  • Were factual and specific
  • Described the habitats, diets and general features of these animals
  • Highlighted common misconceptions
  • Raised awareness about deforestation and endangered animals
hWe have also started reading The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. We are using this text to help us with our upcoming suspense and mystery topic!

Mr Watts’ Wall of Fame!

Wall of Fame

Produce an outstanding piece of work The wall of fame is year 5’s way of showing off their fantastic work! To get onto the wall of fame, a pupil needs to do one of the following:

  • Demonstrate considerable effort and achievement
  • Show how they have improved and made progress with their work
  • Go above and beyond expectations
  • Demonstrate positive personal qualities

Well done to all of those children who have featured on the Wall of Fame so far this year. There are still a few weeks to get up there! Good luck!

Please feel free to pop into the classroom and see the high quality of work produced by the class.

Picture3 Science M2 Science M

The year 5 trip to the Science Museum

We had an exciting journey on the London Underground and arrived at the museum full of energy! We separated into groups and explored the Space, Who am I? and Modern World exhibitions before taking part in an interactive show in the Launchpad! After enjoying watching Mr Watts getting into a sandwich and being hammered with a mallet, we investigated various scientific experiments in the Launchpad- learning about forces, electricity, liquids, motion and much more! In the afternoon we looked at the Flight exhibit and were able to get up close to fighter jets and the hull of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet! Overall it was a great day full of fun and learning!


Tri Golf – some of us took part in the area final at Rickmansworth Golf Club. Although we did not win the team had enormous fun and Mrs O’Neill and Miss Ali could not stop laughing at the near misses and the wild shots!  There were some skills on show from the team with some accurate putting and some super long shots.  Well done to Leher, Laurie, Lewis, Tegan, Monty, Emily, Ben, Harry, Rosie & Kate.


This is us, taking part in the Shakespeare Festival at the Watersmeet Theatre in October. We performed Twelfth Night.

As part of our science topic in the autumn term, we were visited by the Astronomy Roadshow. This first hand experience of a planetarium dome that was set up in hall, gave us an opportunity to observe stars in our solar system and learn more about the different planets.  follow up information was sent through by the organisers and can be found by following the link. Astronomy road show notes

Our class is like a jigsaw puzzle. When we are altogether,
the puzzle is complete. When just one of us is missing, the
puzzle is incomplete.
We always work together to do our best and we always
work best when we are together.

 In art we have thought about colour and those which are clashing and complimentary.


Last year, as part of our rivers topic, we went to the River Chess. We tried to catch minnows and looked at how the river flowed. We also had an AMAZING water fight which ended with our teacher getting completely soaked. We had a brilliant time. Can’t you tell!



Our end of key stage production Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was brilliant. We were all oompa loompas and certainly looked the part. We sang and danced our way through the performance and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.


We recreated work by Hokusai. We looked at is waterfall series and used a range of different materials to produce our own pictures.


Look at some of the exciting things that we did when we were much younger in year 2. Haven’t we grown.


Year 2 in action Summer 2012

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