Year 6

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Our class is like a jigsaw puzzle. When we are altogether,
the puzzle is complete. When just one of us is missing, the
puzzle is incomplete.
We always work together to do our best and we always
work best when we are together.

We are on countdown to PGL. Watch this space for details of what we got up to soon!

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Our English topic was World War 2. We looked at the texts ‘Carries War’ and ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ and used these as a springboard to write our own wartime stories. The emotive language used was fantastic and the children really empathised with the suffering of the victims of war across Europe. We then looked at wartime poetry and the poetic techniques used to convey the sadness of the time.



During our ‘How on earth?’ topic the children learnt about the world, giving them the fuller picture of the whole world and hopefully encouraging them to travel! |Children used their knowledge and understanding of world maps and secondary sources to research a chosen continent. Our second topic ‘How do we impact on our landscape?’ is where the children explored how landscapes are continually changing and shaped by natural and human activity, how we influence and shape the landscape’s appearance and function.

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We learnt about the Vikings and are had an exciting day in school, delivered by History off the Page. Viking day


Eva Ibeotson’s book ‘Journey to the River Sea’ inspired our journey stories. Having completed a travel brochure for our homework to describe the location for our stories, we wrote stories in the same style.


Have you ever considered what type of animal you could be if you could pick. A tiger, a hippopotamus or maybe an lobster. In our English we thought about what sort of animal we would like to be and why. Owls are wise, whales huge and can dominate the seas or a noisy toucan.


Here is some of the work we have done over the last few years.

When we were in Year 4 we had a morning of Arctic adventure and created a milk jug igloo, sculptures, sugar cube igloos as well as researching Arctic explorers


Have a look in the picture gallery to see what we got up to.

We also visited The Chiltern Open Air Museum for a Victorian School experience. You can see pictures of that in the gallery aswel.

The Diamond Jubilee – Summer 2012

In school we celebrated the jubilee with a morning of games and a tea party. To start the morning it was lovely to see so many parents joining us for our reading morning. Mrs Willetts provided flags for every child and we made sure that we waved them a lot! After decorating cakes, we played ‘the queen’s knickers’ and other royal themed games. At the end of the morning the whole school gathered for cakes and drinks on the field and the party atmosphere continued. Click on the link to see pictures from the day.

Jubilee Celebrations

History – Spring 2012

Year 3 and Year 4 have  enjoyed learning about the Tudors, visiting Hatfield House and have created fact files about the Tudors. They also enjoyed designing and making tudor tabbards. Please click on the link to read an article written by some members of our class.

Hatfield trip

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